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Connecting Service

To have electric service connected in your name at a metered location, please visit the Central office, call toll-free 1-800-375-2884 or use the link below to fill out and submit online the Residential Membership Application.

Required Information

Please have the address, meter number or pole number prior to contacting Central. In some cases the address is not sufficient. The Membership Application must be completed and faxed, emailed or mailed to the office.

Membership Fee and Deposits

Central membership is established with a one-time $50 refundable membership fee. A deposit also may be required. A credit check will be processed to determine deposit requirements. More information about residential deposits is found in the Terms and Conditions.

Payment of the $50 membership fee, a deposit and any additional charges is required prior to connecting service.

Central offers a Pre-pay option for members who want to avoid the deposit. Learn more on the Payment Options page. Pre-pay consumers don’t have to pay a deposit and are exempt from late fees and disconnect/reconnect fees. Pre-pay consumers must still pay the membership fee.

Service Connections

Scheduled service connections are completed Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., with the exception of holidays. if you need electric service extended to a new location that has never been metered, please call or come by the office to request new service.

New Home Construction

Residential new services receive a $2,000 allowance if improvements are established. Construction cost for new services is governed by Part IV of the Central Terms and Conditions of Service, which is approved by our Board of Trustees.

  • Contact the Central member solutions department for a new home construction. Our office representatives will explain the initial application process and set-up a time for you to meet with our field representative at the new service location. The field meeting may be scheduled from 1 to 2 weeks after the initial contact.
  • Our field representative will meet with you at the service location to determine the meter location, line route, service capacity and other construction details. Please have your site plan and electrical load requirements with you at this meeting. The representative will also provide you with easement forms, membership documents and other information that must be completed before construction can begin.
  • A word about easements – Central requires easements for all of its distribution lines, except for some service drops. As a cooperative corporation, Central does not pay for these easements because they mutually benefit Central and its members. The easement forms are very specific in the construction and maintenance requirements, and easement widths, and cannot be altered in any way. Central will not be able to provide service to anyone who declines to provide the standard Central easement.
  • Please return all payments, forms, easements, permits and other documents as requested by your Central representative. After the field representative has completed the construction drawings and received your documents, your new service will be scheduled for construction.
  • The construction process can take from a few days to several weeks depending on terrain, weather and the length of the job. Your field representative can give you a rough idea of the completion time when the job is scheduled for construction.
We look forward to serving you.

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