Report an outage
If you experience a power outage, we suggest you follow the these steps to report the problem to Central:

1. Check the breakers in your house and/or at the meter pole first. Turn the breaker off and then immediately back on to reset it.

2. Check with neighbors to find out if their power is off, too.

3. Call Central at 1-800-375-2884 or 405-372-2884 to report the problem. You may also report the outage using SmartHub.

4. Provide Central with your name and the name on the account, map location number or account number and the telephone number where you can be reached.

5. Also, be sure to make Central aware if any person at your outage location has a medical condition that will be affected by an extended power outage. It may be necessary for you to relocate a person who is ill until Central has the power restored.

6. And finally, be sure to let Central know about any locked gates or bad dogs, etc. that the linemen will need to be aware of as they restore your power.